The full circle

marketing solution

For Local Business


Loop Rewards is a FREE mobile app brought to your area by a local automotive group designed to provide a powerful, simple & FREE marketing and loyalty solution for ALL local businesses.

  • Free Advertising
  • Can Limit Redemption
  • Customized Offers
  • Join For FREE
  • Free Marketing & Reporting
  • Cancel At Any Time

How It Works

Customers Earn Loop Cash with FULL-PRICE, NON-DISCOUNTED transactions.

Then customers Redeem Loop Cash for deals being offered by participating merchants.

Customers Keep Shopping in The Loop because the more they spend, the more they earn.

Simple & Free


Get your business promoted to thousands of you local Automotive Group’s customers.


The Merchant offers the Loop Rewards discount to the customer & the app does the rest!

Digital Loyalty

Options to create loyalty campaigns unique to your business.

No Equipment

All Loop Rewards transaction are handled by the consumer through the app. NO DELAYS at your P.O.S.

Free Reporting

Loop Rewards sends you notifications when you have a transaction & Monthly Summaries.

Own a business?

Looking for an innovative way to drive new business and make your existing customers even happier? Click below to find out why Loop Rewards is the perfect full circle marketing solution for Local Business.